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A New Medium of Advertising : iPad : The Convenient Book/Computer

By January 29, 2010April 24th, 2016One Comment

This week, the media world was saturated with the launch of Apple’s iPad. Although, many were underwhelmed with the release, it has set a new precedent for the computer world among the masses. There have been many false starts to tablet computers. Most companies lacked the ability to launch at a large level to bring the costs down for the average user. Therefore, the standard computer continued.

The price of the iPad directly competes with the NetBook as well as the Kindle. It is a beautiful piece of equipment that has the marketing and following to outshine its predecessors. It will essentially put the Kindle out of business, unless the Kindle becomes more reasonably priced for $100 or less.

We must all salute the Kindle for bringing profits and convenience to the publishing industry. It made downloading books mainstream. However, people are not content with portable devices having only one use. We are accustomed to a phone that has GPS, Notes, TV, Email, and many other capabilities. We are now ready to bridge the gap into a completely new world of publishing. New opportunities for advertising for this medium has only just begun. Publishers may give options for users to purchase reduced priced books, if they allow advertising on each page. Get ready to buy ad space for a book that is relevant to your company! Or on the live feed for all the people that are simultaneously reading the same page and sharing their insights!

Despite these new breakthroughs, books in their original form will not die. There is just a new convenience with the iPad and devices that will rise to the occasion for the instant gratification of buying and reading a book at any time in any place.