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Adobe Joins the Project Management World

By March 29, 2010April 24th, 201641 Comments

Online project management sites are challenging tools as they must be useful for both client and agency. In theory, these web applications should make the process easier. However, it becomes a burden to maintain and communicate during long term projects. Emails become easier than logging onto another site for project details. Also, employees fall behind in learning the new interfaces and detailing their minutia during their deadline driven days. Clients usually resist the sites as well and prefer emails. There is a need for a norm for PM software instead of requiring the client and employees to learn many different online project management tools.

Several websites offer features such as budget limiters, timing, web conferencing, and shared documents. Yet, the features vary too much between the different sites and reliability is a concern. Now Adobe has launched Workspaces. It has room for growth and does not have some of the competitors features, but it is a very good start. There is a slight learning curve, but is very easy to navigate. Most are familiar with Acrobat, so it has the possibility of becoming the norm for this genre. It has add-ons for outlook that help transition the emails and the web interface. It is also more reasonably priced than the other sites.

Adobe has moved in the right direction for project management and communication. It works directly with Adobe Acrobat so the learning phase is much less than any other site. Presentations, sharing, planning, and communication can now be streamlined with a minimal cost.

In Adobe’s words:

  • Create Workspaces to store, distribute, and collaborate on a set of documents related to a project. Seamlessly work with individuals or teams outside of your organization.
  • Convert files to Adobe PDF
  • Share a large document without the need to send an e-mail attachment
  • Host web conferences and share your screen using Adobe ConnectNow
  • Write and collaborate on documents using our online word processor
  • Work with others online on project lists, sales data, schedules, and much more using our tables application
  • Create stunning presentations in your browser and work with others to edit them at the same time