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College Utility

Problem: How can an application help students understand their budgeting, class requirements and their own personal strengths to harness the college experience?

Research: Parents and students spend many hours preparing for college, but once admitted, the tools for maintaining and excelling in college decreases significantly. Many times, without proper guidance and planning, the student will not succeed in college.

Only 59 percent of four-year college students graduate within six years. Those who graduate face an additional hurdle — only 56 percent of recent college graduates work in a job that requires a college degree (though the figure for all college graduates is 67 percent, suggesting some underemployed graduates move up later in their careers).

Failing to graduate is a major cause of financial hardship — student-loan delinquency rates among dropouts are four times higher than among graduates, despite dropouts’ having less debt. Additionally, the years that dropouts spend in college are years in which they cannot pursue other career paths, such as apprenticeships.

Reference for debt

** More research can be provided upon request

Role: UX Research and Design Director

Application Goal: Provide a real time feedback system for assisting the student in understanding their current propensities, budget, time management along with graduation goals to help them schedule their next semester as well has their current class requirements.