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Facebook is serious about privacy

By December 28, 2009April 24th, 2016One Comment
Facebook is cracking down on application developers who violate their rules. One example is Burger King who created an interface that notifies the user when one of the friends have ‘de-friended’ them. Facebook forced Burger King to disable this piece of their functionality, but let them keep their page.

When contemplating your future application for Facebook, please respect the privacy rules. If Facebook, does not allow notifications for certain actions, then the applications should follow suit.

Here are other privacy regulations that are enforced:
Facebook will not allow application developers to store information more than 24 hours with the exception of these:

User data you receive from Facebook that you can store indefinitely:

1. User ID
2. Primary network ID
3. Event ID
4. Group ID
5. Photo ID
6. Photo album ID
7. Friend list ID
8. Marketplace listing ID
9. Facebook Page ID
10. Placeholder email addresses for your users
11. Total number of notes written by the user
12. Time that the user’s profile was last updated