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Fundamental Friday: Add Value to Your Facebook Page

By February 19, 2011April 24th, 201669 Comments
  1. Create a Facebook Page with a plan, but keep it flexible.  Regardless of your business type, do not take yourself too seriously on FB.
  2. Create a tabbed content page. Facebook allows Pages to add extra content. Decide on a strategy that may engage your target audience.  Usually, a well-designed splash page that has inspiring, informative, or humorous video wins, along with posting significant events that may interest your fans.
  3. Post at least one update status a week. Make it relevant and interesting.
  4. Post one picture a week that encourages others to upload their own content, which enhances the user experience for everyone. This is another way to raise awareness and possibly more fans.
  5. Give gated content rewards to users who like your page. Think of information or a fun idea which makes people want to like your page and then reward them with an interactive gift/card/message.
  6. Make sure you have links to all of your information: Twitter,  emails, and website url. Take the time to fill out your information so people can review and become involved with your organization.
  7. There are no guarantees.  Keep trying different approaches every few months. Novelty is the fun of social media. Switch it up. Have fun with your organization and see what happens.