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Fundamental Friday: Industry’s Fresh Faces

By August 16, 2013April 24th, 2016912 Comments

One of my talented peers invited me to a students’ work review at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena yesterday. The students were vulnerable, yet strong, talented, open, and remarkable in how they presented themselves and their work. I was impressed on so many levels.All of these years, I have mis-understood Aristotle’s ““Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach.” A sense of knowing is possibly below the level of understanding. For teaching appears to be rewarding because you not only KNOW, but UNDERSTAND the elements to assist others. The psychology of the student, mixed with teaching of the skills, and cultivating the individual’s specialness is an art form within itself.

If only I would have had access to this type of school when I first started fourteen years ago. All I possessed were books, “Classroom in a Book” and other subpar lessons, but it was still a very magical time. The pull of just creativity for creativity’s sake. That is how incredible ideas can be born, until the commercial world starts yanking the bottom line for return on investment.

However, the trick is to keep the magic while holding onto the concept for the project’s endgame. The client’s needs and desires should be welcomed as a new challenge of creativity.

If you can spare 4 minutes, please watch this video of two student’s hard work. They have such passion, talent, and a clear message of environmentalism/technology. They know how to communicate a message in such a fun way.

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Emma Moore