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John Mark : World Center For Arts, Cultures & Technology

By February 26, 2010April 24th, 2016No Comments

Fundamental would like to recognize John Mark for his visionary commentary on culture, science, and technology. He is carving a new path with highly educated ideals and worth following for his views on the aforementioned subjects.

John Mark is a writer and a scholar who specializes in development of new frontiers in science, education, tele-immersion and AI-driven Internet. His interests are across a large spectrum of scholarship from evolutionary biology, anthropology, the origins of Universe, stars, planets, life, consciousness, and cultures in search of key questions regarding contemporary knowledge and the arts. He also writes novels, screenplays, and non-fiction work and is currently writing a novel and a philosophical non-fiction work entitled “Time & Design” along with another book on the merging of contemporary cultural frontiers entitled “The Rise of Syncretic Age”, and a mathematical treatise on “The Big Bang and The Expanding Universe Theory”. He is also the designer of a state-of-the-art educational center called The World Center for Arts, Cultures and Technology currently in formation phase utilizing next-generation technology that presents entire human evolution in virtual reality with live account of sciences, arts and human knowledge across a wide-range of scientific and cultural legacies of nations and civilizations of the past and present.