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Low-Brow Tweets Evolve into Shatner TV Show

By February 19, 2010April 24th, 2016One Comment
The Twitter landscape has now reached a new realm. When some think of Twitter, they do not understand the point or feel there is a return of investment for their stream of consciousness. Others have found the site to raise their Google rankings, meet like-minded individuals, and interact with people who many not have been accessible a few years ago.

Now Twitter has evolved into a platform of becoming discovered. A 20 year old tweeting about his elderly father’s cynical advice to approaching life has over 1 million followers. The twitter fan base has translated over to Facebook with 20,000 fans. The teen signed a TV deal with William Shatner to play his father in the show. It will be interesting to watch how a Twitter feed will translate into this tradition form of media.

This new development gives Twitter validity on new level. Tweets should be considered a very high priority in marketing plans as compelling ways of being discovered for thoughts, ideas, and marketing promotions.