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Mercedes Benz, Volvo hops on the Facebook Revolution

By February 5, 2010April 24th, 20162 Comments
When high end brands are touting their products with Facebook Fan Pages, then it is time to take notice. At this time, Mercedes has a very basic page, but it is only a matter of time before Mercedes creates interactive content that even exceeds  Volvo’s new eco-car campaign.Volvo had an exceptional way of igniting interest by encouraging users to virtually drive the new c30 DRIVe car to their next Facebook friend’s location. This is an ingenious way of connecting people all over the world to create a team effort for the most efficient journey. The winners have the altruistic appreciation of being named for Volvo’s donations to a green charity.These smaller marketing campaigns are great news for business owners who may not otherwise be able to purchase a full-blown interactive site for each new product or idea. The company can now break up their website budget into marketing plans and tout interactive content on Facebook without having to re-brand their entire site for each campaign. This allows for better market research for their brand, product or service to properly gauge interest or direction before investing further as well.