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Privacy : Relax But Stay Informed

By May 21, 2010April 24th, 201677 Comments

Privacy is getting more publicity due to Facebook and other collaborating sites sharing information. People seem to get very frightened if a phone number or picture is shared without their knowledge. However, this has been happening for years. For just a few dollars, you can get a private detective or online research site to find data about a person. We have not had privacy for quite some time. Most of the changes are for the evolution of the site to help users stay engaged regularly. The advertisers also benefit by focusing their costs on the people who are interested in their products. Right now, individuals want the majority of their digital experiences for free. Businesses are doing their darnedest to find a way to make a profit online with their services and new products. Advertising is one of the only ways the web can make money at this point. Therefore, Facebook is one of the best ways on the web for a business and a customer to find each other.

This is not a consideration for the typical user who wants Facebook to be more of a fun, ‘let it all hang out’ experience where privacy is all-inclusive. However, this is a free service and someone needs to pay for the site. This, again, goes back to the advertisers, applications, and sharing information between other sites. These sectors not only enhance Facebook but support it financially. Another point to consider is each time there is an outcry of disapproval, the site reacts immediately by changing the specific problem. Facebook and other sites value the user and adjust accordingly.

As for pictures and personal information, use the rules that have always applied. Try not to post pictures that will haunt you later. This is the same as when Polaroids or printed images were the technology. You would rarely distribute pictures of your 20 year old porcelain god experience. Even if a silly piece of information or picture is posted, laugh along with it and let it go. Develop a sense of humor and realize that most people are not that concerned with your actions. They are probably more consumed with their own and will quickly forget the ordeal. There is only one way out of life and you can’t take social media with you. Stay aware and speak up with privacy changes that concern you. Enjoy the connections. Behave yourself. If that is not possible, don’t advertise it on the universal electronic highway.