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Recycle Electronics in Honor of Earth Day and Make a Few Dollars

By April 23, 2010April 24th, 2016122 Comments

We increase our consumption of electronics every year. If we are going to enjoy all of these magnificent toys, recycling is the next step. In the past, we waited for the drop off day or paid local businesses or states to collect our old devices. This is changing! will buy your old hardware. This site gives an incentive to recycle and make a few extra dollars.
An old iPhone can sell for $70. They send a box for your gadget as well as pay by PayPal or check. During the transaction process, the user can vote where focuses its interest, such as renewable energy sources or planting trees.
This is a relatively easy way to make a difference and help the environment. Happy Earth Day!

This site provides many answers to questions about e-waste.