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Social Media for the Greater Good : Save 300 Acres of Rainforest in 30 days.

By March 12, 2010April 24th, 201677 Comments

Social Media can now be leveraged for accelerated change. The masses are inundated with real time information about celebrities, politicians, commercial interests, and breaking news. What about helping others? There is one lady who has challenged this new paradigm with an ambitious fund raising endeavor. She has launched Her goal is to help save a portion of Amazon land that may be foraged to gold miners in the next month.

‘The 300 Acres Project sprung from the recent Google Earth Outreach/Indigenous Mapping Summit at Google headquarters in Mountain View. Natalia participated by helping with logistics, and brainstorming “ice-breakers” and curriculum with the Google Earth Outreach staff. She took this effort on as a volunteer project on top of her full-time position as Community Manager for Google Sidewiki.
She had the chance to meet many indigenous people but found this particular group in need. Then, started her plan of saving this portion of land in 30 days.’

This is a new way of fund raising for causes. Large and small crises’ are circulated in real-time for public consumption. The response rate is just as fast though. The Haiti earthquake ignited mobile finances and big business to assist in producing exponential results compared to the past ratio of marketing and development. In smaller projects, home-grown websites are broadcast via facebook and twitter, which feeds the search engines, allowing even more awareness.

If you have an idea to help others, this is a remarkable time to make a difference. It is much easier to propagate information to the correct demographics for a better result.”