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Yelp aids in the discovery of small businesses.

By January 22, 2010April 24th, 2016147 Comments

As the Yelp mobile application continues to develop in popularity, Twitter may be used less for small business promotions. One of the many useful features of the app is it allows for potential customers to view businesses according to their GPS location. Your phone provides an image view of the landscape. This helps the stores that have been invisible from the major roads of commerce or have not had large budgets for advertising. It also allows owners to update their specials. As soon as the special’s feature becomes popular and consumers know it is real-time information, then twitter will have competition in this arena. Yelp is more robust for the person who finds value in others’ opinions, posting their own, and researching any other stores that may be in competition.

Twitter has grown very popular by the insurgence of businesses that need to give their customers real-time feedback of their ideas and specials. It is only a matter of time before Yelp integrates this functionality more as well as hopping on board with better Search Engine Optimization features.Remember to update your profile on Yelp as it is a growing community that will help your company as well as your shopping experience. You will also discover many treasures in your travels that you may have otherwise overlooked.