The logo needed to build trust and show innovative stability for the type of software presented. The user needs to feel like the technology will protect and provide a reliable experience.  The heart combined with the a is the avatar, symbolizing the primary purpose is always care.  The colors are bright and muted for signifying the brightness of feeling when using the application along with the foundation of basic colors for stability. Upon completing the branding, the next step continued into the UX Research and Low Fidelity Mockups.

The application solves the ongoing labor problem of caregiver assistance for the vulnerable.  The core solution is to automate the selection of care as well as administrative tasks for the service workers. The health care service provider have the ability to refine their preferences and costs for their specific work along with building clientele for building their personal business without any middle management. The vulnerable can feel safe in their search for quality assistance as the price they can afford along with background checked professionals for scheduling the help needed.

After researching the demographic and business needs, the application was divided into three views: Caregiver Background and Approvals, Client Services and Safety, and the Universal Administrator for the software itself.  Then, two types of users will be utilizing this application: Caregiver and the Guest. Very fast prototyping helped to solidify any social or familial issues in terms of each view along with privacy concerns for the application launch.

We worked through several iterations to thoroughly understand the demographic, trends, and accessibility. In order to save time and process, creating low fidelity mockups and customer journey maps helps to clarify the stakeholders’ ideas for next steps.

In summary, this is an intelligent search engine where the caregiver can be found and scheduled according to different sorting properties. The administrative dashboards help to run and keep the content relevant and both parties safe. This application requires location tracking, safety protocols along with intelligent detections for ensuring both the caregiver and the client is safe as well as having their needs met.