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Linkedin Product Instructor

Coursera Product Instructor

Wolters Kluwer Journals

Murad E-Commerce

Children’s Audio Book App

Machine Learning Startup

Sexy Hair Email Campaigns

Wolters Kluwer CEC

University Application Utility

Dockers French Version

Anderson Creek Trading


Livati Iterative A/B Testing

A/B Testing Prototype

Promotional Pages



Wen: Alyssa Milano





Meaningful Beauty Email

Levi’s CurveID

Disney Pirates of the Caribbean

Disney Pirates of the Caribbean

Levi’s: Spring Banners

Levi’s: 40 and Under Banner Campaign

Docker’s Web Modules

Docker’s: ‘Wear the Pants’ Banners

Mickey Mom’s Club

Loony Tunes Prototype Module

Advanced Bionics Prototype

Legion of Heroes

Disney Holiday Module

Disney Halloween Interactive Design

Hyundai Module for Kiosk

Griffin the Littlest Gargoyle

Docker’s Modules

BeachBody Social Media

Infiniti Banner Ads

Meaningful Beauty Banners

Xout: Yahoo Screens

Xout: Yahoo Screens

300: Rise of the Empire

Transcendance: Marketing Collateral

Social Media Holiday Card

Proactive: Julianne Hough

Mobile Interactive Presentations