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WCAG 2.2 is comprehensive documentation on how to make your site accessible for all. If you would like to learn how to convert a legacy marketing or SaaS software platform into a compliant WCAG 2.2 site, this linkedin course may help you understand the hurdles many product teams face with previously developed software: Visit Emma's Linkedin Course for WCAG 2.2 in Figma


It is important to know your individual team members to enhance performance. Some of the members need structure, the others need to work for two days straight and then rest. As long as the work is completed in excellence, with everyone checking in their quality work, it is best to adapt to them.

Emma Moore

“Designing mobile first is very important because it helps highlight what is most important to the business,” said Emma Moore, who is the founder of the Colorado-based development agency PVT Group and has held previous UX research, product management and UI design roles at companies including Disney. “So you get this hierarchy of information very organically.”

Emma Moore